Pay anywhere with Group Wallets

Because you already share everything with your friends

Budget what you spend on

Because any extra savings would never hurt you

Pay with Shelf to track your expenses

Because we'd not want you to worry about your spendings

Super Card for You & Your Group

Tap & Pay your way through all your expenses of the month

Debit CardsGroup CardsGroup Payment Solution instead of splitting bills

Shelves for your every need

Banking. Payments. Savings. Investments.

Banking. Payments. Savings. Investments.
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Word on the street

“It was quite difficult to manage my common expenses with my co-founder, but with Shelf the process has become seamless

Yash Khandelwal Co-Founder, Suspace

“Really needed an app to cater to personal as well as group payments and give me a holistic track of where I'm spending. Shelf has provided me the ideal solution I was looking for”

Mehul Shrimali Business Analyst, LG Ads

“Shelf has been extremely useful for me and my room mates. All the expenses need not be noted anywhere, you just make the payment and the app handles  the split.”

Abhay Gubrele Creative Producer, Peafowl Studio

Word on the Street


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Get your bank-like experience on the go.